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Our Vision

We see a world in which no humans and no businesses can be easily victimized online, regardless of class, size, income, occupation, education, race, creed, or location. We set out to help bring top notch technology solutions with enterprise grade security, as well as cyber security and privacy awareness to the masses, plain and simple.

Our Story

Our founder has worked in enterprise IT environments and through a number of years of engagements and observations, he realized there are lot of middlemen and inefficient gears in the machine of information technology that simply raise the cost and slow down the speed for needs of SMB and completely put the benefit of proper technology solutions and security knowledge out of the reach of households.

So we were born to fill the gap for solopreneurs, small and medium businesses, and residential consumers alike with extremely minimal overhead costs and low cost top notch secure technology solutions to help elevate your life or your business.

With over 20 years of technical experience and a decade of business experience, our executive leadership team are in it for life and for you.

We know small and medium business inside out, and we know how to connect, communicate, and build bridges with the average Joes and Janes out there to bring proper and secure technology solutions to the society at large, fulfilling your residential or small business needs or objectives with secured technology solutions.

Experienced Leadership

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