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Stay ahead of tech troubles
and cyber intrusions.

Our Services

Small Business Secure Cloud Transformation

Take your Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud tenants and configuration from unsecure defaults to fully secured and streamlined deployment, reducing your chances of easily getting breached. We also secure and support Google Workspace tenants for SMBs.

Small & Medium Business Network and Endpoint Protection

We ensure your security appliances, firewalls, and antimalware or antivirus solutions as well as your local endpoint configurations follow security best practices to dramatically reduce your attack surface, leaving your organization and environment a harder nut to crack and less worth the effort for the bad guys .

Top Notch Email Protection from Spam and Phishing

We are experts in email security, vendor-agonistic, we can work with your existing email security solutions or if necessary we can recommend and deploy the proper class of solutions for your messaging environment.

Security Awareness Training for Business Leaders & The Community

Security can be an overwhelming topic. Although you can hire seasoned professionals to handle it for you so you can best attend to your business, we are living in times when some degree of personal awareness of security topics as relating to your own daily conduct is necessity to significantly reduce your risk profile for getting breached. We are here to simply the topics and help train you to ensure your maximum ROI on your technology and security solutions and help lower the chances of cyber intrusions.

Secure DNS

Whether you want to get your company's network or domain on DNSSEC or just want to secure your home base DNS properly, we are here to help get it done for you.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Every environment and business is unique with its own needs and objectives. We can deliver solutions that are the right fit for you and your environment and attempt our best to accommodate your existing technology and business processes, or help you sustainably and properly improve and upgrade to more secure measures.

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